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We hold state licenses in GA, TN, AL, MS, NC, and SC.  We have intentionally specialized in the southeast US because we know these markets well and have a constantly growing database of current sales data covering these markets.  We can plan to broaden our geographic reach when sufficient data and geographic competency are accumulated.  Our typical assignments involve single properties, but we often complete smaller portfolio assignments and can accommodate portfolios of up to 30 units if current workload and timing permits.

Keith Nelson and Joe Rexroat have been appraising gas stations/convenience stores exclusively for the majority of the last two decades.  Collectively, we have personally completed almost 3,000 c-store/retail petroleum outlet appraisals.  While other firms may have completed a much higher total quantity of appraisals, we know with certainty that all of our assignments are personally handled from inspection to report completion by one of our principals, each of whom has 12+ years of experience in this property type.

Appraising gas stations and convenience stores is what we do.  All day, every day.  We have seen it all and know how to properly analyze any store, regardless of the many assignment nuances this property type can present (e.g. fee simple/leased fee/leasehold, proposed construction/renovation, rental bays, atypical profit centers, co-branded with QSRs, etc.).  We are committed to the synergy we created by forming The Retail Petroleum Group, LLC, a firm dedicated to crafting high quality retail petroleum property appraisals.  We help banks make sound lending decisions and we assist store owners, developers, etc. with construction and purchase/sale decisions.  We strongly believe that all clients deserve an accurate appraisal, tailored to the individuality of each assignment, performed by a highly qualified analyst, every time.  We strive for quality, not quantity.

We know that many assignments must be performed with incomplete, inaccurate, or completely without actual historical financial/operating data.  Since cash flow is the source of any borrowers’ loan payments, it is essential that the appraiser understands how to accurately forecast a given property’s sales/profit potential.  We feel we have the most extensive and relevant model in the business for projecting gross profit and EBITDA, particularly when the historical operating data provided is less than ideal.

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In addition to the MAI designation, both RPG principals also hold the ASA designation, which is one of five business value-related professional designations that must be held to comply with the U.S. Small Business Administration's Standard Operating Procedure effective January 1, 2014.  A considerable amount of our work becomes part of an SBA loan package, and our reports are tailored to facilitate our clients' assembly of these loan packages.

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